when you've lost your grip on life

The life you perceive to be your own is not a true sense of reality. It's a perception of the ego. When you find yourself losing grip on life or losing grip with yourself, this is a good thing. That means you have the opportunity to see yourself and the world as it actually is instead of what you've created it to be - which has likely gotten you into the mess you're in in the first place.

When we find ourselves feeling low and hurt by life's circumstances, we momentarily let our guards down in an emotional retreat; releasing all attachments, hopes, dreams and desires momentarily. This creates a gap that allows the Higher Self or intuition to come in and reveal a quick glance of reality. This is where those "aha" moments of clarity and confidence come from. When you're able to see life as it is, you can then release your old beliefs that were holding you back from being your true self.

Keep going. Losing grip on life and yourself is necessary.

Ego Perception : You. Your name. Self-image. Judgments. Property. Attachment. Desires. etc.

Actual Reality: True Self. Awareness. Wholeness. Non-attachment. Is-ness. In the moment, etc.

Creating a happy life is hard work. When you think about how many decisions and moves that have to be made just to attain a goal that may or may not bring happiness, it can almost feel discouraging and inevitable for a person to want to give up the pursuing. And it would be wise to do so.

Most of us are afraid that if we give up the pursuing of goals, we'll be left with nothing, so we don't even try. By doing so, we miss the opportunity to see that happiness is the absence of striving for goals. And by minimizing our lives as such, happiness could be apart of our daily existence.

Your creations - whether they be money, a home, career, relationships, children, etc, - they will always require upkeep until you choose to let them go. This upkeep can be joyous and it can also be tiring.

To relinquish the need to create at all, while allowing things to be as they are without any form of attachment, is where true happiness lies. When you attach yourself to anything, you risk becoming unhappy when things don't pan out the way you wanted them to. Non-attachment releases happiness and unhappiness altogether. And all that's left is bliss in the nothingness.


Imagine how less-stressful and joyous your life would be if you attached yourself to nothing. Be that.