How to Overcome Past Hurt

Q. "One of the common things I'm seeing today (Particularly, #hurtbae viral video) is people sticking with people who treat them horribly. After it's over I notice that for some, being vulnerable is complicated when moving on. So I think a good question would be "How to leave baggage behind?" "How to overcome past hurt?" or "How to move on?"'

A: Pain and unhappiness is a symptom of the man-made mind. Because you perceive happiness to be real, unhappiness and pain must also be real to maintain balance. This is something that cannot be fully controlled nor will you ever be fully released from its constraints until you dis-identify from your 'self' or ego.

The level of pain inflicted upon a person occurs to mirror some type of dysfunction within. If you have attracted pain, this is because you are holding on to some form of pain.

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What is the Nature of Right and Wrong

Right and wrong are social constructs created to keep some form of balance. And like all ego-made things, words, etc, they are unreal.

As long as you are in the constraints of Karma, you are effected by what can be considered as right and wrong. To the Universe, there are no titles to this, just energy. So whatever you put out is what you get back. If this action or thought is considered by you to be a wrong thing, then okay, fine. But it's not so much the title that matters, rather the energy behind it.

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